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October 12, 2010


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Milanese Masala

I wish I could participate but as I'm cooped up in the house with the baby, don't know if I'll be able to take any pictures. But I cannot wait to see what everyone else will do!

Lara Ruth

Happy fall and almost Halloween everyone! I just posted my entry over on my site here: http://citygrits.wordpress.com/2010/10/29/three-signs-of-fall/

Can't wait to see everyone's photos!


Hi ladies!!!!

I finally posted my entry, hope you enjoy! :D


Happy Halloween!!!


Thanks to Bleeding Expresso, I discovered this contest, here my entry http://machetiseimangiato.com/2010/11/three-signs-o-fall/

Julie ~ jbulie's blog

This looks fun. I'm not a professional photographer but I snapped these today during my long walk in the country. I hope you like them.




Yes, I also discovered this contest thanks to Bleeding Espresso.

My entry: Three Signs of Fall from California


Yay! Here's my first blog contest entry ever: http://lifeinstamatic.com/eye-candy/farewell-fall/

Michelle @ Italian Mama Chef

Whew, I am just getting in under the wire on this one. It was hard to choose just one photo. But I did.

Mental Mosaic

I could have sworn I posted a comment and link here, but maybe it didn't go through. :/

I am one of the throng who found out about the contest via Michelle at Bleeding Espresso. I posted an entry on the 13th over at my blog:


Sorry if this is a repeat.


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