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June 25, 2007


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All the above reasons your mention except for the Italian thing. But mostly to practice my writing skills and my photography. I was never really interested in blogging until last year. I just started a blog on a whim and has been doing this ever since.

I really like the idea of not only sharing thoughts and opinions but also parts of my own self. Does this make any sense?

ally bean

I blog: 1) to have fun, 2) to dicipline myself to pay attention to what's going on in my life so I'll have something to talk about, 3) to connect with others who like words and thoughts and photos, 4) to learn about myself and others, and 5) to be creative. Good question. Made me stop and think.

Judith in Umbria

My reasons are largely yours, too. I had the additional reason of keeping up with friends I left behind, but that didn't happen. People either get the internet or they don't and most people I know don't.

It also gives me a place to get mad about politics and yell a bit.

A while back a really successful blogger told me if I just did food alone my blog would be more successful. I can't do it. Yes, cooking is a large part of my life, partly because of the blog, but I want to talk about other things, too.

Also, because I publish almost all original recipes, and because I am against waste, I have to eat all the not quites' and anything short of 'so unsuccessful it is inedible'. I have to diet constantly. Imagine if I had to invent and perfect 5 dishes a week! Argh. So I will continue top indulge my green self, make fun of the centro destra and chatter about fashion.


Lissa, to me that makes perfect sense! In fact, I've only been blogging since December 2006, and I think it's rather nice to share a bit of yourself with others in this way--and I love your photography :)

Ally, your number 2 brings up an excellent point. I think I do pay more attention to every day things (and record them!) whereas before all that stuff just got lumped together. Some people say that blogging makes them miss out on living because they're worried about documenting, but I find for me, it's just the opposite.

Judith, same thing happened with me with friends. I had hoped the blog would help keep me in touch with some family and friends, but for the most part, that hasn't happened. I've also thought about doing a food blog--I'd love to do a baking one--but what would I do with all the results? For me it's better with just the weekly post. People who like only that can come only on Wednesdays; those that don't care can skip it. No worries.


Your reasons for blogging are very similar to mine. I too blog so that I can have a writing outlet, and your comment "What is a writer without a reader" is the main reason why I blog...it's good to get the creative stuff out, but how much better when I know someone is actually reading it?

And I also do it very much for the personal connection. I'm met some of my closest friends through the internet, so I figured with blogging, I might meet some more wonderful ones, and so far, its working out quite nicely!


It's working out quite nicely for me too, on many levels, Karina...isn't blogging just wonderful?

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